The Growth Committee


Who we are and what we do


The “Group Visits” Committee has been renamed to the “Growth Committee” to align with the Virginia Area Committee structure. In recognition of the continued expansion of AA in District 4, the Growth Committee will regularly reach out to District Groups to offer our assistance. Our goal is to attend each of the 60+ meetings held in Dulles District 4 at least once in 2018 - we will endeavor to coordinate with your GSR or other trusted servant in advance so that we can provide a brief halftime announcement and information packet. We also have people who are experienced and willing to facilitate a Group Inventory for you – your GSR should be able to arrange these at the monthly District Meeting. 

Growth Q3 Update:

Last quarter, the Growth Committee focused on encouraging Group Service Representative (GSR) selection and involvement. While Tradition 4 says that “Each group should be autonomous,” it goes on to add “except in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole.” GSRs are charged with transmitting ideas, opinions, and facts so that each group becomes a part of “the collective conscious of our whole fellowship,” placing our common welfare first, to keep our fellowship united. “For on A.A. unity depend our lives, and the lives of those to come.” Of our District’s 45 active groups, 35 have a GSR (77%). So, get to know your GSR and ask about what goes on at District meetings or Virginia Area Assemblies – perhaps you will find it interesting, have an opinion to pass on, or even sign up to be the next GSR for your home group!